You are a True Hyderabadi If you relate with this

1.You address every other guy as “MAMA” #EveryHyderabadiGuyYou are a Hyderabadi If

2.Your Past is Always a “PARSO” regardless of how long ago it was. #EveryHyderabadiGuy

You are a Hyderabadi If

3.For any directions asked the answer always is “SEEDHA CHALE JAO”. #EveryHyderabadiGuyIdentify a Hyderabad Packers and Movers

4.Every Second person you know is either in USA or atleast rejected for a USA VISA. #EveryHyderabadiGuyIdentify a Hyderabadi facebook

5.The most commom words used are “HALLU” “NAKKO” “HAU” “YAARON” “PATHE”. #EveryHyderabadiGuyIdentify a Hyderabadi

6.If you visit churi bazaar @ 2 am during RAMZAAN. #EveryHyderabadiGuyPackers and Movers Best

7.If you know these guys. #EveryHyderabadiGuyPackers and Movers international dubai

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