Things To Do Before Shifting

Things To Do Before Shifting

Ashoka Packers and Movers™ is a reliable and trusted packers andthings to do before shifting movers service provider serving the customers from1969. We are expertises of 44 years in all kinds of moving and packing services requirements of customers. Ashoka Packers and Movers take the complete responsibility of packing and moving goods and insure for having a safe and secure delivery of goods at your desired destination. We believe in customer satisfaction and happiness because satisfied customers are the pillars of our business.

Ashoka Packers advice on “things to do before shifting” at destination.

Things to do before shifting to destination:

  1. Search for a house with good water facility and other utility as per your requirement.
  2. Call packer and movers give him your contact number and address to arrange door delivery.
  3. Be present at the time when packers and movers service provider deliver goods at your doorstep.
  4. Check condition of all the items delivered by movers packers and make a note in writing. (If any items are missing or damaged.)
  5. Arrange for connection of telephone and gas connection.
  6. Check your bank account branches are near to your new place or not.
  7. Arrange House Maid, Milk Man, Newspaper, & Others Vendors.
  8. Introduce yourself to the neighbours.
  9. Start collecting important contact numbers.
  10. Try for the admissions of your children in Best School / Colleges.

It is very important to know certain things to do before shifting to destination. That’s why on public curiosity we have posted the above points regarding things to do before shifting to destination.

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