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Process of Car Transportation-Ashoka Packers and Movers

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Now a day’s lots of people have car and process of car transportationtransfer the car from one state to another state but they don’t know the process of car transportation. It is very important to have knowledge about process of car transportation to avoid complication in future. Simply moving car to new places without knowing what is the exact process of car transportation is leading to cause serious problems in future.

Like if you don’t know the process of car transportation contact any reputed car transporters and ask the details, the car transportation company will explain you the whole process of car transportation. Now after you understand the process of car transportation, you can easily transfer the car to your desired places.

Here Ashoka Packers and Movers want to discuss the process of car transportation with our customers. The process of car transportation is as follows:

  1. Send us an enquiry or contact us and give your shipping requirements, we will provide you complete details and quotation of your request
  2. Book the date of transferring the car from one place to another place, our team will pick up the car from your door and deliver at your desired places on the given time
  3. Before moving we will note all the details of car on the car acceptance report like the car number, engine number, dents on car, accessories in car etc.
  4. Documents required for car transportation are copy of NOC, Declaration, Insurance and RC. Please don’t hand over the original documents to drivers or don’t left in car.
  5. Give the correct address of your new location to deliver the car and check whether any valuable goods left in car or not.

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