Passenger Celebrate New Year In Ship Stuck In Ice

Passengers Celebrates New year In Ship Stuck in IceIn the cold atmosphere of Antarctica a ship has stuck from 24 December 2013 rescue operation is running from China,Australia and Russia. Some passengers have shifted from ship with the help of helicopters and others are waiting for favorable conditions to move from the ship.The passengers are packing their stuff on the Ship and waiting to move as soon as possible. The New Year Celebration is carried out on the ship in the ice of Antarctica. Instead of bad weather scientists are continuing research and drilling the ice to Photograph sea life. They have saved food and necessary thing to celebrate New year on Ship in Ice. The ship has trapped in ice and failed to recover the signal, the next day turns too bad for ship to give satellite distress signals. The rescue teams from China, Australia failed to cut down the ice. The Ship has to wait for long time to come out from ice, day by day condition are getting bad and raise new problems to the passengers of Ship resulting into big loss of time and money. Hope the scientist find something useful to recover the loss.

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