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Tips for Packing and Moving:

As we all know packing and moving is a complex and stressful task, to make it easy and simple you have to do some extraordinary work and plan for a move.

First let me tell you when you move from your current place to your destiny, be careful and handle everything smoothly. Analyse the new place structure before move, give unique names to your rooms, living area, bathroom’s etc at your new place, then while packing just label the boxes with unique names as you given to rooms of your new place, it will help to rearrange the articles to their respective places easily.

Now let’s talk about packing and moving:

Packing goods is very important and should be done carefully without doing mistakes; otherwise the result of loose packing will cause huge damage to goods and loss of money.

First write down the list of equipment on a paper you want to pack.

Now take quality packing materials like plastic covers, big cartoons boxes, wooden boxes, plastic tape, scissor, cardboard sheets etc.Hassel Free Packing and Moving Tips Ashoka Packers

Start packing the equipment and cover all objects with plastic covers, this will prevent goods from water and scratches, for sensitive goods use wooden boxes, for breakable objects use cardboard sheet, after this carefully put all items in the big cartoon boxes and place plastic tape on the mouth of boxes. Try to remove the stuff in an open place which you have packed, so that you will have some space around you to pack other items.

When you completed packing of all your goods it’s time to load it in trucks.

Loading and Unloading require minimum 4 persons who are physically strong. Take your friends help for loading goods into truck. Handle with care the heavy item and take help to move them, when you feel tired stop working and take rest for some time, you may hurt yourself if you work continuously instead of tiredness, so please avoid this situation.

After moving it’s time to rearrange all the articles in your new place, unload the item and take them to the correct place where you want to place them. As already we have paste labels on the boxes it help to recognise and place the boxes to their correct places.

Unpack the goods and collect the waste material and put it into the dustbin, because cleanness is good.

Now the last step to complete the relocation process cross check the list of items whether everything has moved or not.

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